Sophia Sudfeld – A Big Ten Alumnae Talks Giving Back


During a Big Ten Kickoff Luncheon speech, San Francisco Niners quarterback Nate Sudfeld shared his passion for football while highlighting the importance of giving back. He discussed his service trip to Uganda over spring break, a second for him.


Sophia Sudfeld was an enthusiastic football player from childhood. Her passion to play the sport has helped her achieve a successful career in professional football. She started her journey in the NFL world with New England Patriots. However, she suffered an injury during her career which led to a disappointing performance and forced her to leave the club.

she was twice an academic all-Big Ten member and also won the Big Ten Offensive Player of the Week Award in 2014. She became a part of a program called ‘Change The Play’. which is aimed at changing the culture of college sports to better serve its fans and players.

Sudfeld is a proud philanthropist who believes in charities and social work. Her grandfather founded a charity named ‘Assist International’ that works to provide clean water, medical supplies and educational opportunities for third-world children. She has been to Uganda several times for service trips and took one during her college spring break.

Family consisting of two brothers and a sister. She has been married to her husband since 2007. Their love, trust and understanding are the key to their successful marriage. They have a beautiful daughter Juliana and a son Zachary.


IU grad and NFL quarterback Nate Sudfeld has made giving back a priority in his personal life. His grandfather, Ralph Sudfeld, founded ‘Assist International’, a charitable organization that helps people around the world gain access to clean water and medical supplies, improve educational opportunities and care for orphans.

The Big Ten Conference recently rewarded Nate with its Dungy-Thompson Humanitarian award. The award is given to the student-athlete who has best exemplified the conference’s core values, including integrity, respect and accountability.

In addition to a strong academic record, Nate was also named to the All-Big Ten first team. He threw for a school-record 2,820 yards and 30 touchdowns as a starting quarterback during his time at IU, but his most impressive feat was his leadership in a community-wide initiative to help local children in need.

Among his other projects, Sudfeld has been an active advocate for the ‘new’ AOET Children’s Village in Jinja, Uganda. A pioneering project of the ‘Assist’ International, AOET provides housing, education and health services to thousands of orphaned and vulnerable children. In the past year, Sudfeld helped catalyze a variety of notable AIDS-related activities, including delivering critical HIV medication to a community in lockdown and distributing emergency food.


Sophia sudfeld is involved with a wide range of community activities. She is passionate about activism and fundraising, and has been a volunteer for CJP for over a decade. She is also a host of the podcast Work in Progress, where she interviews inspiring individuals about their experiences. And she is an advocate for women who are ready to stand up for themselves and demand change.

She has been a strong voice for women in the entertainment industry before the “me too” movement broke, and she is now using her platform to help other women break free of sexual abuse and misconduct in their workplace. This is a big deal, and it takes a lot of courage to speak up in these areas, so we’re grateful to have her on the show.

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