The Most Stunning Christmas Markets Around The Globe 2023


Christmas markets are beautiful places that bring us back to memories of Christmas traditions made from scratch: cookies, mulled wines, local specialties to taste, and good times shared with loved ones. If you are planning to go on vacation or for a weekend during the holiday season. Why not pick a location where you can visit any of the gorgeous Christmas markets anywhere in the world? We’ve compiled a list of the world’s top markets to celebrate Christmas. Why not head to these places that guarantee you the most wonderful Christmas, whether with your family, a couple, or even friends.


The Strasbourg Christmas Market

The stunning French Alsatian city hosts the Christkindelsmärik every year. It is the oldest Christmas fair in Europe and has existed since 1570. This Strasbourg Christmas market comprises 300 chalets that are spread across twelve locations within the city’s central area and an ever-so-grand Christmas tree! The market also hosts Advent performances, a live Nativity scene, and musical and cultural celebrations. There’s a reason why Strasbourg is dubbed”the capital of Christmas” “capital of Christmas”!

The Zagreb Christmas Market


The capital city of Croatia is a magnet for a lot of tourists during the period of Advent. Everyone comes to participate in the celebrations held during the holiday season, including The Christmas Fair held in the streets surrounding Jelacic Square. There is a chance to sample local dishes while being swept off by the distinct and captivating atmosphere and scheduled events. You can also take advantage of the unique charm of Zagreb.

The Brussels Christmas Market

Brussels Every year, the city of Brussels celebrates throughout Belgium through the Plaisirs provide the Christmas market, which celebrations last for five weeks. Alongside being a part of the Christmas Parade and the magnificent Christmas tree, you can have an ice skating rink, a carnival at Place Sainte-Catherine, chalets spread over two miles, and a superb sound and lights spectacle.


The Berlin Christmas Market


The city of Germany, Berlin, organizes around sixty Christmas markets. But the one held in Charlottenburg Palace is particularly wonderful. Lights enchant the Baroque structure, and this market is home to chalets where products of artisanal origin and gourmet foods are offered and eateries that serve gourmet food in heated tents during the Winterwald event, fun for kids.


The Copenhagen Christmas Market


Danish Christmas can be celebrated across Copenhagen with several markets and other celebrations. The Tivoli Gardens transform into a village of Christmas lights, with hundreds of lights decorated with fir trees. You will certainly be able to meet Santa Claus there! The cafés and eateries that line the Nyhavn serve traditional Christmas dishes, and a market for crafts is held through the canal.


The Amsterdam Christmas Market


Santa Claus could easily come to this city to complete his shopping at the magnificent cities of the Netherlands, all of which are awash with Christmas spirit. One of the most important sights is Leidseplein and Museumplein, where you can purchase the perfect Christmas presents and enjoy traditional Dutch dishes and local delights. Enjoy the spectacular Amsterdam Light Festival in the downtown area of the city.

The Santa’s Christmas Market


Within Spain, Barcelona offers a Christmas market, which is split into several areas:


  • Plants and ornaments for plants.
  • Crafts and simbombes
  • Traditional Spanish musical instruments are played for accompanying Christmas carols.

However, the most important part is the nativity scene and Santons, which are quite different from the ones in France. On the 11th of December, you can enjoy a show that mixes Christmas traditions, other regional customs, and traditional Catalan performances.


The Chicago Christmas Market

The event in Daley Plaza, Christkindlmarket, Chicago, has changed the German holiday into a well-known festive event. A market is a place where traders provide a variety of Christmas decorations as well as toys, German items, and handicrafts. There are also shows; If you’re lucky, you might spot Christkind the Christkind (baby Jesus) in the market on specific dates.


The Hong Kong Christmas Market


Hong Kong, the city’s Winterfest, is a festive celebration that adorns the Christmas season with a million lights. At Statue Square, a Christmas tree is lit up among the tall buildings as the Hong Kong Pulse 3D Light Show will transport you to an incredible 3D sound and lights show. Little ones can take in the joy of the Christmas season at Hong Kong Disneyland.


The Toronto Christmas Market


The market is located in the historic Distillery District located in Distillery District; the Toronto Christmas Market recreates a traditional European Christmas market with several modern amenities. There are various food items, unique presents, heated outdoor gardens for a drink or mulled wine, and an impressive 15-meter Christmas tree adorned by more than 18,000 light bulbs.


The New York Christmas Market


A Christmas celebration at Christmas in New York is simply magical. There is Midtown, Christmas Village, and Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park, which allows visitors to shop in open-air chalets, and a sand-pitched outdoor rink. There are food and artisans situated in shacks with bejeweled decorations who sell New York City and New York State-produced food and clothes that are suitable for people of all ages and youngsters, and decorations.


The Melbourne Christmas Market


The second city of Australia, Melbourne, is ranked as the number one spot on the top 10 most relaxing cities around the globe. It is an excellent place to visit! Although the temperatures may be low during December (19 degrees on average), Australians love the Christmas season, and Melbourne is home to Christmas markets.


Queen Victoria Market, which covers two blocks, is a place to shop for Australian items and international specialties, clothes, and souvenirs – with timings adapted to the Christmas season. The Deutsche Schule German Christmas Market (November 25) offers handmade goods and Christmas specialities, such as stolen and Würstchen.


The London Christmas Market


London’s most stunning Christmas market is undoubtedly Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. It’s a fact that it’s an amusement park with a huge Ice rink, circus shows, a Ferris wheel, roller coasters, and Magical Ice Kingdom winter palace. This year has a wonderful world that will take visitors to meet wizards, unicorns, elves, dragons… The scene in London during the Christmas season is a celebration! Certain attractions are charged, and entry to the market is free during non-peak times. Then chalets also sell decorative crafts, German beers, or hot chocolate. And If you’re thinking of a Christmas trip to London, look at the Guide to a Great Weekend in London.



The Budapest Christmas Market


One of the unique aspects that distinguish the Budapest Christmas market is that you can get only the finest products produced in small amounts according to traditional procedures. Go away if you’re looking for bargain oddities and items to place under the Christmas tree! If you don’t, bring home decorations to decorate your tree or as themes for your nativity scene, such as cherub statues, beautiful garlands, or candle holders. If you’re a gourmand, try the szaloncukor, beautiful chocolate pralines wrapped in chocolate, and the beggar, a locally-sourced “log” that keeps for many days.


The Mons Christmas Market


Though it’s relatively new, the Christmas market has already become quite well-known, especially its location in Hauts de France (less than 30km away). Mons Coeur en Neige offers a variety of activities that allow guests to visit the Christmas village to soak up the magical environment. In the Grand Place, the artisan village has Christmas-themed clothing and accessories, lights, wreaths and garlands, and amber jewelry engravings on glass and candles. Also, you can find cured meats, cheeses, and cured meats, chestnut-based products, foie gras, gingerbread, hot chocolate, or Christmas beers.


Mons Coeur en Neige also offers 550m2 of slide across the Place du Marche aux Herbes and a snow sled that allows for more than 20 meters with an inflatable buoy and numerous other activities for free. In other words, there’s nothing to bore you with!


The Cologne Christmas Market


Saint Nicolas or Santa Claus? In Cologne, you can skip picking! Both will be part of the celebration and aid you in preparing your gifts in a vibrant festive ambiance. Germany’s most frequent Christmas market (Weihnachtsmarkt in Kolner Dom) is situated in Cologne near the base of the impressive cathedral. 160 wooden chalets arranged around a huge tree will provide you with handmade crafts, speculoos, other snacks, mulled wine, and local specialties.

Saint Nicolas’s village is located 200 meters from the cathedral located on Rudolfplatz. The Christmas market known as Saint Nicolas village, inspired by Grimm’s fairy tales, takes place just in front of the “Hahnentorburg” guard tower. If it’s “Heinzelmännchen,” you’re looking for these ferocious elves who visit at night to make sausages for butchers and tailors and bake bread and cookies for bakers. You’ll find them (perhaps!) at the Heumarkt and the ‘Alter Market’ right near the Town Hall, where they have been hiding since 1820. Yes, there is a problem in Cologne. And for the final touch, to finish it all off to top it all off, you will be able to enjoy an intimate and beautiful atmosphere by visiting cars and the puppet theater. Another market is one of the seven in the city. The Christmas market is located at the port, close to the chocolate museum. It is a great place to buy delicious goods, and the best artistic products this year feature themed around pirates.



The Frankfurt Christmas Market

In Frankfurt, a Christmas fair has been going on since… 1393! That’s right, it is a relic of local folklore. The markets are now spread into the city’s historic central area, in the Romerberg, Paulsplatz, and Mainkai squares, and all across the river to the railway station, from which there is a breathtaking panorama across the city. The festive program includes many concerts: Brass instruments in the balconies at St Nicolas church and singers and bells chiming in front of the impressive Christmas tree that overlooks the city from a height of 30 meters.

The program also includes a visit from Santa Claus, a life-size Christmas Nativity scene ride on the steam train built in the past, and guided market tours based on topics like “mulled wine, stories, and pastries.” You cannot avoid the scents of hot apples, brandy from the apple, grilling almonds, gingerbread, and marzipan-flavored confectionery! You will also discover over 200 chalets that include everything you would expect from Christmas and common dishes like waste l, fries, and German beers.



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