3 Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer for Wrongful Termination

Did you know that more than 1 million U.S. workers were fired or laid off every month in 2023? There are many reasons that employers give for terminations, including failing to meet performance standards and eliminating a position. While many terminations are valid, many are bogus, the result of discriminating behavior or a breach of contract. 

If you feel that you have been the victim of a wrongful termination, you have legal options at your disposal. The most obvious one is hiring a lawyer for wrongful termination. Read on to learn more about the top three benefits of hiring this type of lawyer.

  1. Understanding of Employment Laws and Regulations

There are federal laws that apply to any position. These laws regulate items such as:

  • Wages and hours
  • Workplace safety
  • Employee benefits
  • Family and medical leave

There are also federal laws for specific industries that have exploited workers in the past and often have dangerous work conditions. These industries include construction, mining, and farm workers. 

While there are federal employment laws, state employment laws vary significantly. For example, right-to-work states have fewer contract requirements, whereas states that allow unions have more safeguards against termination. Having a wrongful termination lawyer who can navigate through these confusing laws helps you determine if you have a case.

  1. Gathering Evidence Against Your Former Employer

If your lawyer determines that you have a case, they can proceed with collecting evidence on your behalf. Experienced lawyers know how to interview individuals related to the claim and determine what testimony is relevant. In addition to testimony, they how to obtain emails and other forms of communication. 

Besides discovery, wrongful termination lawyers may review your employment contract. This can determine if your termination was a breach of contract. 

  1. Calculate the Damages You are Owed

Whether it is a matter of negotiating a settlement or determining the amount to sue for, an experienced attorney knows how to calculate the damages you are owed. The most obvious damage is lost pay.

But there are other monetary amounts that your lawyer may consider including lost benefits, punitive damages, and attorney’s fees. Depending on the details of your termination, issues like emotional distress are up for consideration. 

What Should You Look for in a Lawyer?

Obviously, you want an experienced wrongful termination lawyer. When reviewing a prospective lawyer, review the employment cases they have worked on. It is also important for the attorney to be in-state, so they are familiar with the specific laws. 

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Are You Ready to Get a Lawyer for Wrongful Termination?

Now that you know about the benefits of hiring a lawyer for wrongful termination, what are you waiting for? Having someone to guide you through this process is essential to getting you the proper settlement. These individuals help you understand the laws, gather evidence, and calculate the damages you’re owed.

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