Washing Instructions for My Pillow: Using a Washing Machine

Most of us have at least one pillow in our home. Unfortunately, most of us don’t know the proper cleaning technique for our pillows.

Your pillow should be cleaned regularly. If you have a removable cover for your pillow, you may be wondering about proper washing techniques for your pillow.

Keep reading to learn more about washing instructions for your pillow.

Preparing the Pillow for Washing

To properly prepare the pillow for washing and make sure it is ready for the washing machine, start by checking the care label for recommended instructions. Most pillows can be machine-washed, so check to make sure yours is washable.

Remember, some pillows filled with foam or feathers are dry-clean only. Once you have ascertained that your pillow is machine washable, remove the pillowcase or sham, if present. Shake off any larger debris from the pillow, such as pet hair. 

Selecting a Wash Cycle Setting

Selecting the correct setting for washing your pillow is extremely important. For a medium-sized pillow, you should select a gentle cycle using cold water. If possible, select a machine with a setting for delicate, such as hand-washing or wool.

It is also important to select a spin cycle that is gentle and avoid spinning at too high of a speed. After selecting the correct cycle, add your pillow to the machine and adjust the water level to ensure that the pillow is fully submerged in water. 

Dosing the Appropriate Amount of Detergent

Make sure you use the correct laundry detergent amount when washing your pillow in the washing machine. Too much detergent can cause the fabric to become stiff, while too little detergent can leave stains or odors on your pillow.

To properly dose, read the instructions on your detergent container for the appropriate amount for the size of your load. For a large load, use a scoop or measuring cup to measure the exact amount of detergent. If you usually do smaller loads, adjust the amount accordingly. 

Properly Drying to Avoid any Potential Damage

To dry, use either the no-heat or low-heat setting on the machine dryer. Make sure to dry your pillow completely, as the wet fabric will shrink and become moldy. To speed up the process, add a couple of tennis balls to the dryer.

This will help fluff the pillow as the tennis balls move around. A final tip – be sure to remove the pillow from the dryer promptly and fold it away while it is still slightly damp. Doing so will help to prevent any potential damage.

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Explore Washing Instructions for Your Pillow the Right Way

Overall, washing your pillow in the washing machine can help maintain hygiene and keep your pillow fresh. It’s important to follow the washing instructions for your pillow and to never exceed the water temperature recommendation.

To summarize, always remember to use cold or warm water and a gentle cycle rinse to ensure your pillow’s longevity and comfort. Now get out there and enjoy a restful and healthy sleep!

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