Benefits of Buying a VW Trike for Sale

VW trikes for sale are unique vehicles that are a beloved part of the custom car and motorcycle scene. They are more stable than bikes and provide a comfortable ride for passengers.    

When shopping for a VW trike, look for an independent rear suspension. This component is vital to superior ride quality. It also improves handling capabilities in different road conditions.

Superior Rideability

One of the most apparent benefits of VW trikes for sale is that they are much safer than 2-wheel motorcycles. While motorcycles are precariously balanced on two wheels, trikes have a third wheel and a larger footprint, making them much harder to upend. In addition, trikes provide a more stable riding position and don’t require the driver to shift their body weight or lean into turns as motorcycles do.

Trikes can also handle bumps, debris, and metal-grated roads more easily than motorcycles because of their larger size and heavier build. Additionally, since they can hold more riders and luggage, they are excellent vehicles for touring. Whether you are looking for a thrill-seeking ride along highways or a comfortable cruise along low-traffic roads, a VW trike will do the job.

However, it’s important to note that although trikes are safer than motorcycles, they are still not as stable as cars and must be driven carefully. Also, since trikes are open-air vehicles, they can be susceptible to weather conditions such as rain and cold air. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider all of these factors before purchasing a VW trike.

More Storage Space

One of the most surprising benefits of VW trikes for sale is the ample storage space these unique vehicles offer. Trikes feature bigger rear ends than their 2-wheeled motorcycle counterparts, and they often come with a trunk that provides a whopping 20-50 gallons of space. This extra space makes it easier for riders to carry supplies and supplies on longer rides, including toiletries, snacks, and other essentials. It also means that older riders and those with a more nervous riding style can still enjoy the thrill of a ride without the risk of falling off their bike.

While Volkswagen never produced its trikes, many independent shops and passionate road warriors have used old VW Beetles as the basis for their projects. For instance, Chris Ireland’s famous Praying Mantis trike is known for its insect-like appearance, spawning hundreds of other VW trike conversions worldwide.

Some drivers also use their VW trikes for sale to test out new, high-powered motors and upgrades that would be too expensive or impossible on a smaller motorcycle. This extra power can turn a day of cruising on a backcountry highway into a thrilling ride down winding mountain roads or low-traffic urban routes. In addition to providing more room for gear, the larger trike engine allows you to travel further on each gas tank.

Comfortable Rides

VW trikes offer a more comfortable ride than standard motorcycles because of the third wheel. This added stability can reduce the need to lean as much while driving, making them a good choice for older drivers or those new to riding. The additional point of contact with the road can also soften the impact of bumps and dips.

Trikes have a unique style that often draws attention from other drivers. While this can be fun if you enjoy the watch, it may be frustrating for those who prefer to keep to themselves. Additionally, a trike can be harder to handle in bad weather than a regular motorcycle.

Some have a long history of building trikes, and there are many different styles. Some are simple and stripped down, while others are elaborately customized and designed to be show-stopping works of art. Regardless of which type you choose, you’ll surely get plenty of stares when you hit the open road.

The most common type of VW trike is the delta-style, which has one wheel in the front and two in the back. While this design offers excellent stability, many owners prefer the tadpole-style trike because it provides the same strength and improved handling capability. You can find a wide range of delta-style and tadpole-style trikes for sale online, including some that are built for competitive motorsports events.


You can find many options if you’re considering getting a VW trike for sale. They offer a unique ride that stands out on the road, and they can turn heads for all the right reasons. Trikes are more stable than motorcycles, making them safer for riders of all ages. They’re also more comfortable, allowing you to travel longer distances without tiring as quickly.

The larger chassis of a trike provides more storage space than a motorcycle, so you’ll have more room to store your belongings and gear. This is especially helpful if you plan to take long trips or touring. Trikes can also hold much larger engines than their 2-wheel counterparts, so you’ll have more power when you want a little speed on the open highway.

Many people start their VW trike conversion project with an old Beetle. They obtain this vehicle’s rear section, then add a front frame resembling a motorcycle. Once they have this framework, they can build any trike they want.

While many types of VW trikes are for sale, they all have one thing in familiar—passionate and creative owners build them. These vehicles are made by independent shops and individuals who love the brand’s iconic style and excellent handling.


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