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American actress Christina Applegate is a famous star on television. She has been acting in movies and TV shows since the late 80s.

She was born in Hollywood, California on November 25, 1971. Her mother Nancy was a singer and her father was a record producer. They separated after her birth. She has two half-siblings, Alisa and Kyle through her father’s second marriage.

Birth date

Christina Applegate was born on November 25, 1971, in Hollywood, California. She is an American actress and singer. She was born into a family with ties to the entertainment industry, and she seemed destined to have a career in the show business from a young age.

She starred in Fox’s first sitcom Married with Children as Kelly Bundy at age 15, playing the rebellious, airhead daughter of Al and Peggy (played by Ed O’Neill and Katey Sagal, respectively). Her role was so popular that it earned her a Primetime Emmy Award and several nominations for Golden Globe Awards and Tony Awards.

After leaving the show, she worked on several film projects. She starred in the teen comedy Just Visiting and a reboot of the 1980s classic Vacation. She also co-starred with Gwyneth Paltrow in the 2003 flight attendant comedy A View From the Top.

Although her career has made her a household name, Christina Applegate has kept much of her personal life private. She married actor Johnathon Schaech in 2001, but they divorced in 2007. After a year, she was married to Dutch musician Martyn LeNoble, and together they have a daughter named Sadie.

Since then, she has starred on television shows like Samantha Who? and Up All Night and has been a guest star on many others. She has also starred in a few films including Anchorman and the reboot of Vacation.

Besides acting, she has written for various publications. She is also a vegetarian and a passionate animal rights activist, and she has raised money for charities that focus on raising awareness of breast cancer.

Christina Applegate was born into a wealthy family with strong connections to the entertainment industry. Her father was a record producer and her mother was an actress and singer. She has two siblings, Alisa and Kyle, who are half-siblings from her father’s second marriage. Her parents split up when she was young.

Net worth

Christina Applegate is a prominent American actress who was born on November 25, 1971, in Hollywood, California. She is known for her comedic skills and talent.

She has played different roles in her career which helped her to gain popularity. She has also earned a good amount of money from her acting. She has made a total of $30 million from her career.

The actress is a breast cancer survivor and is dedicated to raising awareness about the disease. She has appeared on numerous television shows and specials to raise funds for breast cancer research and education.

She is a popular figure in the world of entertainment and has won several awards for her performances. She has been nominated for Primetime Emmy Awards seven times, making her one of the highest-rated and most recognizable actresses in the world.

Besides her acting skills, she is also a talented voice actress. She has lent her voice to animated characters in movies like Alvin and the Chipmunks and Cats and Dogs.

Her career started at a very young age. She was born into a family with strong connections in the entertainment industry. Her father was a record producer and her mother was an actress.

In the early days of her career, she was only in commercials and small guest roles. She got her first big role as Kelly Bundy on the sitcom Married with Children in 1987. Her performance as the saucy daughter was very well-received, and she quickly became a household name.

She went on to star in a number of successful TV series and movies. She has won the People’s Choice Award, People’s Choice Favorite Actress, and Golden Globe. Her roles in the films Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, Vacation, Hall Pass, and The Sweetest Thing have helped her to garner a large fan base.


Christina Applegate is an actress who has been famous for her comedic talent and screen presence since she was born. She has played a variety of roles in her career and has won numerous awards for her performances. She is also an animal rights activist who has starred in an anti-fur advertisement.

She grew up in Hollywood, California, and was raised by her mother Nancy Priddy, and her father, Robert Applegate. She has two half-siblings, Alisa and Kyle, who were born from her father’s remarriage. She is a fan of Stephen Stills and still cherishes the guitar he gave her when she was young.

In her spare time, she is an avid breast cancer advocate who started Right Action for Women in 2009. She has been involved with raising funds and awareness for the disease in many ways, including participating in various television shows and campaigns.

During her cancer battle, she leaned on Martyn LeNoble, who became her rock as she struggled with treatment and recovery. Their friendship blossomed into a romance in 2010, but they have kept their relationship private.

The couple got engaged in 2010 and tied the knot three years later in a private ceremony held at their Los Angeles home. Applegate wore a Maria Lucia Hohan bridal dress and a Neil Lane diamond ring to celebrate the occasion with her family.

Her husband, Martyn LeNoble, is a musician from Holland who has been active in the music industry for decades. He has been part of several bands including Thelonious Monster, Too Free Stooges, and Porno for Pyros. He is known for his ability to play bass in a wide variety of musical genres.

He has performed in multiple concerts and festivals throughout the years. He has also released several songs on his own. He was a guest on several radio shows and has appeared in many television shows as well.

He is an active member of several organizations, including the American Red Cross and the Society of Children’s Psychiatrists. He also serves as a board member for the Children’s Hospital of Orange County and the National Institute for Health.


Christina Applegate is a renowned actress and comedian who became famous for playing Kelly Bundy on the hit Fox sitcom Married with Children for 10 years. She has also appeared in various television shows, and movies and voiced characters in animation.

She has a daughter named Sadie Grace LeNoble, whom she shares with her husband Dutch musician Martyn LeNoble. The pair tied the knot in 2013, two years after their daughter was born.

In 2008, Applegate underwent a double mastectomy after being diagnosed with breast cancer. She was discovered to have a BRCA1 mutation, which greatly increases a woman’s risk of developing both breast and ovarian cancer.

Although she is a BRCA mutation carrier, Applegate has stayed active and healthy throughout her battle with cancer. She recently used her experience with cancer to inspire her role as Jen Harding in Netflix’s Dead to Me. She has a very strong sense of self-confidence and is able to cope with her illness by working hard to make positive changes in her life.

She is a vegetarian and is passionate about animal rights. She also supports PETA and is an avid supporter of breast cancer education and research.

Christina Applegate has been in the spotlight for her acting talents and comedic skills since she was a child. She has starred in several television series and has been nominated for numerous awards for her performances.

Her latest project is the dark comedy Dead to Me, in which she co-starred with Linda Cardellini in. The show received critical acclaim and was nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series.She has also starred in several films, including Anchorman, which won the Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture – Comedy. She has also voiced several animated characters and has appeared in television commercials.

When she is not on set, Applegate is a mother to her daughter and spends a lot of time with her family. She often takes her daughter on family vacations and is very involved in her daughter’s schooling. Her love for her daughter is obvious and she has said that her children are the light of her life. She also says that she is grateful for her family’s love and support throughout her life. They have always been there for her no matter what, and she feels that they truly care about her.


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